Team Services/Workshops/Lectures

Bill Knowles has traveled around the world lecturing, working with individual athletes, and educating professional teams and national governing bodies. His reconditioning methods are sought after by many of the best sports teams in the world, as are his training programs for joint compromised athletes and injury prevention strategies. Bill has been called upon to lecture and share his reconditioning expertise on:

Extremity / Torso Injuries –

ACL’s, Chondral defects, meniscal repairs, patella and Achilles tendon repairs, ankle injuries, hip labral/FAI surgeries, hamstring, shoulder dislocations/repairs, microdiscetomy.

Reconditioning Strategies –

  • COMPEX neuromuscular electrical stimulation use; post-op and prevention.
  • Water training; immediate post-op and performance.
  • Alternative strength training strategies for a joint compromised athlete; soft floor, sand, trampoline, water.
  • Return to Multidimensional Speed and Agility Training

Bill Knowles is available and prepared to present at:

  • Lectures 
    • Sports Medicine and Performance Training Conferences. 
      • Available with practical sessions as well. 
    • National Organizations, Universities and Colleges.
      • Featured guest: half day or full day.
  • Team Services 
    • Individual (or multiple) athlete consultation and training sessions.
      • Train the athlete in-house with the staff participating/learning.
    • Half, full day, or multi-day consulting options available.
    • Lecture/Practical – offering both lecture and practical sessions to staff as part of an in-house Professional Development strategy.
  • Workshops / Seminar 
    • Conduct half or full day sessions on Reconditioning, Injury Prevention and Performance Training.
    • Combination of lecture and practical.
    • Orthopedic Groups, Physical Therapy Clinics, Sports Medicine Companies.

For further information regarding HPSports lectures, team services, or workshops, please contact:
Bill Knowles via email at