Regional / Local Reconditioning

Many college, high school, and athletically minded individuals have sustained season ending or long term injuries that often leave them unprepared for competition after they have finished physical therapy, or have been “cleared” by a physician. Bill Knowles and the HPSports Reconditioning Program specialize in this area. 

Individualized Plan
HPSports utilizes the same methods for college and high school athletes as it does for the professionals. A thorough interview is done to determine the best strategy for the individual to follow in his or her quest to return to competition. Sport specificity is always addressed as is the athlete’s history of physical training experience.

Individual Commitment 
We encourage the athlete to participate in the reconditioning program at YSC Sports 1-2 sessions per week for 6-8 weeks to establish the necessary education and technique required to continue their individualized plan on their own. We develop a weekly plan with the necessary programs to follow that place the athlete in the best possible position to perform well and reduce the risk of re-injury. Each athlete must take personal responsibility to execute this plan when training at their own school or training facility. 

Program Expertise 
We have a time-tested progression that places a significant emphasis on strength development, deceleration (eccentric/coordination), and multidimensional speed and agility. This all comes from a framework of total body training. Athletes will be assessed and/or evaluated at the beginning and the end of the program. We utilize the latest technology to develop sport specific objective data that supports the progression towards preparedness. 

Programs are available mid-week (limited after-school hours) and on Saturdays. 

For further information regarding HPSports reconditioning programs, please contact:
Bill Knowles via email at