Elite Athlete Development

HPSports offers progressive Athletic Development Programs for professional, elite, and world-class athletes at YSC Sports in Wayne, PA. We have a unique way of implementing athletic development strategies that challenge one’s physical competencies. This is done with a combination of training programs that include gymnastics based training, creative body-weight exercises, explosive water training, and maximum strength and power development. 

Post-Injured Athletes – We specialize in reconditioning programs for post-injured athletes. At HPSports, our Athletic Development Programs take significant steps to address “old” injuries to reduce the chance of these becoming complications in the future. Recommendations are always given for the athlete to follow upon returning to his or her team. 

Athletic Development/Reconditioning Camps can be organized from 1 to 4 weeks where the athlete becomes embedded in the culture created by Bill Knowles. Athletes will train 2x/day @ 2.0-2.5 hrs. per session. Pool recovery sessions are also advised on top of this.

Hotels and accommodations are within minutes of the training center. Athletes will typically fly into Philadelphia International Airport.

For further information regarding HPSports athletic development and/or reconditioning camps, please contact:
Bill Knowles via email at bknowles@hpsports.com