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How to be a better coach

Education is the critical ingredient to building and sustaining a program of athletic excellence across all age groups. A key to great coaching is being committed to always finding a better way to develop athletes.

HPSports Education offers individual consultation tailored to fit each coaches’ developmental and performance needs. An outside objective assessment can make the difference between a good development program and a great one. For example, coaches often receive very little feedback as to how they communicate, whether they are clear, precise and inspiring, or confusing, even boring and uninspiring. Our individualized services can help you develop the necessary tools to maximize your athletic and coaching potential. 

Program Consultation
HPSports Education offers program consultation tailored to fit all program domains: vision/mission statements, management structure – implementation and evaluation, better planning from annual plans to daily sessions, staff education and evaluation, fund raising, and many other areas. An objective outside program evaluation, from A to Z, is critical to successfully achieving the mission of the program. Services vary from one day to one week, from one session to monthly visits, all designed to accommodate the needs of the daily program schedule and/or annual calendar.

For more information or to schedule an individual or program consultation, please contact:
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Team Services: 
Workshops & Presentations
Our interactive workshops can include topics such as building better team communication and management, improved coaching skills, or creating independent athletes in charge of their own skill development. Below are examples of some of the workshops/presentations HPSports Education offers. We can also create a customized workshop to meet your specific needs.

  • Team Building within the Coaching Staff
  • Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), the Pro and Cons
  • Coach as Leader
  • How to be a Better Coach – The Art & Science
  • Make It Stick – The Science of Successful Learning

For more information or to schedule Workshop, please contact:
Finn Gundersen via email at